January jaunts – 2018 style

The new year has started and we have our first long weekend coming up. The planners have booked and confirmed mini vacations wherever, while the impromptuers are looking around for fun things in the city. Everyone is in a party mood since we cannot wait a full week for the weekend to arrive!

Here is my list of things you should (with one should not!) do this week and they involve food and of course drinks in one or all ways!

You could go to The Sofitel and eat over priced and sub standard food at the Malvani Festival at Pondicherry Café. I went, I ate and I spent the next day being very sick. My second debacle at this restaurant and wild horses will not drag me back there.

 If you are smart, you will cross the wide BKC road and head to the MMRDA Grounds where the Mahalaxmi Saras 2018 is on. Aimed at taking rural India ahead, this fair is a delight. Small stalls manned by farmers, artisans and simple rural folk from across the country offer everything from food grains, spices, snacks, oils to fabrics, shoes and handicrafts. The fair is on till the 29th of January.

They have a huge and varied food section where villagers from interior Maharashtra serve up the most delectable Malvani (yup it is Malvani here too, but a very different fare) and other local food. Vegetables, seafood and meats…fabulous, rustic flavours at almost rural prices, this is the place to be! Take a quick look at the delicious mutton curries from Stall 44.

Come January and it is time for the Versova Koli Seafood Festival. This annual do has grown into a crazy extravaganza over the past decade. Super fresh seafood is cooked and served by Koli ladies decked in their best. The festival is on for 3 days starting 26th January. Get there early, 7 pmish unless you love maddening crowds. Be prepared for steep prices, especially on the second and third days. While the prices are high, quality is guaranteed, which is why people drive across the city to attend the event. The place is loud, with music and conversation; you get to see some wonderful Lavni performances and yawn through political speeches. You also get to drown your angst in flowing alcohol. Yup, no dry days in Koli land!

You could also go and check out the newly revamped Gondola, Pali Hill’s quaint little eatery that serves some of the best steaks and sizzlers in the city. Owned and managed by the Zorabians, this is a must visit. While the restaurant is there to stay, it is nice to have a dekho when it has just reopened 

You can also go over to the very new and very pretty 1BHK, next to BSE at Oshiwara. Just stay away from the Parsi food since there is not much Parsi in the dishes. Good continental fare and great tiramisu!

Last but not least, Hoppipola outlets are continuing with their incredible Rs. 99/- menu. For those who have not tried, you get a great range of alcoholic drinks for this price and the higher range for Rs. 99+69. The offer is valid all day on Mondays and Tuesdays and till 8 pm on other weekdays. Not valid on weekends and holidays.

Cheers folks, let us raise a toast to some great food, drinks and experiences to end the first month of the new year.


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