A bit about my food stories and me


I am a hyper imaginative, hyperactive and creative-when-the-urge-strikes person who loves to travel and turns into mush at the sight, sound and smell of good food.


My true love affair with food started at the age of 16, post my board exams, when I decided to enrol in a famous cooking class in my neighbourhood. While the high point of the classes was eating all the incredibly tasty dishes that Alim Aunty demonstrated and we observed, my interest was nevertheless piqued and I started experimenting with some of the dishes at home. My first success story was a simple but delicious Cottage Cheese Lasagne that my family loved so much that I was asked to make it each time we had guests over for dinner!


I dabbled with food the next couple of years, but studies and extra curriculars took up too much time for it to be anything but a hobby. It was providential that I decided to pursue Hotel Management instead of a standard degree in arts or sciences; a course that got me closer to food than ever before. The rest as they say, is history 🙂 I never wanted to become a chef by profession, but I did enjoy eating good food, a lot of it! And eat is what I did during my years of Food and Beverage work with the Taj Group and The Leela, and the trend continued even after I left the hospitality industry. I am now an Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer who uses food stories to inspire people.


Over the years I have turned into the go-to person for my entire family and friend population when in a quandary over where to dine, whether it be in Mumbai or elsewhere in the country and sometimes even overseas. I used to share my food stories through Facebook pictures, in an album called Ambrosia till I realized that a blog would provide a lot more scope to describe my food experiments and experiences.


My Chefs Tables, affectionately called MCT, was born on 17th October 2016. It is a tribute to my love for food; the wonderful people who create magic with their recipes, spices and sauces; my food mad extended family and of course to my love of travel, writing and meeting new people. All about ‘edible experiences’ you will read about food I eat, cook and love; stories from Chefs around the world, recipes and a lot more. The posts have been slotted into categories which you will find along with the heading once you open a post. Some of the categories are self explanatory and the rest are detailed below.


The various categories are:

Hotels and Resorts – Stories of the hotels, their history, the chefs, their restaurants and food

Restaurants and Cafes – My experience in any and all standalone properties that serve food

Pubs, Bars and Lounges – To me, the feel and ambience makes this a separate category

Friends and Family – Stories from and of those who feed me, along with recipes of their fabulous creations!

Foodpreneurs – This section is all about the talented people who grow and package food and of course the home chefs who make delicious items from home.  I feature only those who deliver great quality.

Taraa’s Kitchen – I do get into a cooking mood ever so often and this section would give you my own recipes and fun food tales 🙂

Bloglings – Like ducklings to ducks, bloglings are tiny snippets of food information that I just have to share with everyone!


Each post is published only after exhaustive research and one on one discussions with chefs/owners/managers of each establishment. Most posts have an easy recipe for readers to try at home. So please do try and let me know how it turns out.


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Happy reading, happy cooking and of course happy eating!!